When you wish to place an order with us, please contact us. The prices shown are only a guide. As we are a small producer building in batches, there may be some time between you first expressing an interest and receiving a model. We know from sad experience that in that time, our suppliers can massively increase their own prices. If we are to avoid bankruptcy, we cannot be expected to hold our prices for more than about three months. If you are ordering, for example, a rolling stock kit we will be able to inform you of the stock situation, the current price and postage.

If you are ordering a locomotive, ready to run or kit, we will ask you if you wish your name to be placed an ‘interest’ list. We maintain a chronological list for each product. When we build a batch of a particular locomotive, we offer the engines in the batch to the clients who have shown an interest in that product. When you are approached with this offer, you will be given the fixed price and the approximate delivery date. You choose at this point whether to convert your interest into an order or not. If you choose not to proceed, your offer is passed to someone later on the list. Since at no point does Wrightscale seek or accept deposits, putting yourself on the ‘interest’ list does not constitute a binding contract. Our contract exists when, on request, you send payment. The product will then be delivered to you when that payment appears in our bank.

Please pay by a UK cheque in favour of M.D. Wright. Personal cheques take up to 7 working days to clear, so please allow this time. Valuable items are sent insured by Special Delivery or International Datapost. Small items eg kits are sent at cost. Typically (as of 2014,) large items cost £20 to £30 by Special Delivery and overseas postage costs are more, £20 - £50. We cannot accept credit or debit cards but are looking at other ways to secure payment.

We support our products, as previous customers will testify. In return, please unpack your parcel on receipt. Inform us promptly of any defect in the locomotive or missing parts in the kit. Our support is not time-limited. All we ask is that you contact us before you attempt a repair yourself.