Wrightscale produced a small batch of Quarry Hunslets in the early 1990s. These locomotives were very accurate models all hand-built and all featuring fully working Stephenson’s valve gear. Today (2014) whilst we could still manufacture these engines they would be too expensive to sell. Having invested much time in manufacturing the masters for the lost wax castings that went into these original models, and Hunslet
Prototype of the New Hunslet
given the success of our Bagnall Excelsior engine, we have revisited the project. During 2014, we hope to release the first batch of the new Wrightscale Hunslet quarry tank. This locomotive takes advantage of all the detail parts of the originals but overcomes the mechanical complexity and expense of the earlier engines. The gas tank has been doubled in size, giving a duration about 25 minutes. The valve gear is now slip eccentric and the boiler refillable in steam. The plate-work is now etched. This gives a very well detailed true-scale facsimile.

The engine is available in either black or maroon. Only an open cab ‘Alice’ Class will be available in the first instance. The dimensions are: 19cm long, 8.5cm wide, 12.5 cm high and the mass 1.3kg. Price (2014) £1380. The ordering of this engine is by an interest list. Please read our Terms of Trade to understand the process.

Hunslet Detail
Left:Detail of Hunslet Quarry Tank
Right:Hunslet with Cab
Below:Diorama with Hunslet Model
Hunslet with Cab
Hunslet Diorama
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  Image of Hunslet Quarry Tank 'Maid Marian'
  Image of Hunslet Quarry Tank 'Alice'