BALDWIN 50 HP 0-4-0

This model is constructed with laser-cut steel frames, etched plate-work and cast white-metal bonnet, radiator and between the frames gearbox (cosmetic, non-working.) The model is capable of negotiating 2’6” radius track. It is sprung and incorporates a high quality gear-head motor driving a bevel gearbox. The model is battery powered and comes fitted with ten Ni-MH AA cells. These have a duration of many hours and are rechargeable. The model is wired to use the batteries in two groups to give the prototypical two speeds. A second switch provides ‘forward’ ‘off’ and ‘reverse’ The length is 26cm, the width 9cm and the height 14cm. The mass is 1.5kg.

This model is available Priced ready-to-run at £740. As a machined kit that requires soldering of brass sheet and white-metal parts to complete, supplied with gear-head motor, bevel gear gearbox and electrical parts excluding the batteries, it is Priced at £580. These prices are for 2014. Available to special order is an insulated wheel variant that is adapted to use 12v DC track voltage. If you are interested in any of the above, contact us and please read our Terms Trade.
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Baldwin GM  

Completed model waiting to be painted Wrightscale
Baldwin GM

Photo Henry Holdsworth A completed Wrightscale Baldwin Gas Mechanical built by Henry Holdsworth from a Wrightscale machined kit

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