Photo Wrightscale Glyn Valley Tramway Baldwin painted and lined by Wrightscale. We have developed and sold custom built variants of this engine. Over the years we have built accurate replicas of War Department Baldwin 4-6-0s that were supplied after the first World War to the Ashover Railway, Snailbeach, Welsh Highland and Glyn Valley Tramway.

These engines were all carefully researched and additional detail castings and plate-work manufactured where required.

The price of these models reflected this work. Typically, an Ashover locomotive sold for £2700 and the Glyn Valley locomotive £3150. The potential customer should note that these locomotives were one-offs and radio-controlled. If you
are interested, read our terms of trade and then contact us.

Background Baldwin 4-6-0 GVT and WD Type

Baldwin Peggy
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Baldwin GVT Peggy
Photos Wrightscale Side and Rear view of the Ashover Light Railway loco Peggy.